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Startups Using WebRTC in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston WebRTC startups we've found.

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Virtual events platform; intelligent matching of attendees, who meet through a set of 1-to-1 video chats.

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Recruiting sourcing as a service, plus video interviews.

Tech Stack Highlights

React.js – We use both React and Vue for our front end work. We’ve been quite happy with React but are even happier with Vue for it’s flexibility and because it’s model is more familiar.

PostgreSQL – We use Postgres as our database. Postgres is most attractive for us do to it’s strict SQL compliance as well as for Postgis, which we will be using for some of our product. We’re also using the Postgres JSON functionality for some portions of our application which are not easily modeled using a relational database.

Python – Our backend is written entirely in Python, which we find to be highly productive and elegant. We use Django as our backend framework. We get a lot of value from the ORM as well as from Django REST framework – and from the Django admin.

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“Interactive selling platform” white-label live video assistance & co-browsing for e-commerce.

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