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Startups Using Sidekiq in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Sidekiq startups we've found.

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Increasing science experiment reproducibility with a suite of tools to measure & control environmental factors.

Tech Stack Highlights

Ruby on Rails – for API and user-facing dashboard web app to manage machines and alerts and see visualizations of data. Sidekiq for background processes.

PostgresDB – but evaluating some Time Series Databases (TSDB) like influxDB.

Sass & Slim – for CSS and HTML templating.

Hosted on AWS. We use GitHub and Slack.

We are open to other languages than Ruby for the backend.

Technologies: , , , , , , ,
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Teacher / parent / school survey platform and data analytics.

Tech Stack Highlights

Ruby on Rails – We use Ruby on Rails because of its maturity and large ecosystem. On the front-end we use jQuery and Bootstrap, and on the backend we use ActiveRecord and Sequel to access Postgres databases.

Sidekiq and Redis – for distributed job processing capabilities.

RSpec – While not dogmatic about test-first development in all cases, we are passionate about writing and maintaining thoughtful and robust test coverage in RSpec.

Heroku and AWS – Heroku hosts our applications, managed databases, and various services such as centralized logging and distributed batch job processing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides file storage and simple messaging capabilities.

Bamboo – We implement continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD) via Atlassian Bamboo, deploying to production environments multiple times per day.

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Hosted continuous integration and deployment platform.

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Health data analysis and social tools for people with chronic illness.

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