Startups Using Ruby in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Ruby startups we’ve found. This includes many who are using it as a scripting language for data science applications. To see startups using Ruby on Rails specifically, see our Rails startups in Boston section.

Interested in other technologies? Browse or search all of the built-in-boston tech stacks we’ve curated.

Used athletic gear marketplace.

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Tools for more easily querying, organizing, and pipelining data stored in Amazon S3.

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“Host monitoring platform built on top of Facebook’s legendary osquery agent [..] transforms your infrastructure into a rich database that you can query with standard SQL.”

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Caregiver assistance platform as an employee benefit, for employees acting as caregivers for special needs children or family elders.

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Text-message-driven baby journal service.

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Marketing platform for B2C marketers, aimed at increasing CLTV by driving more cross-sells and repeat purchases.

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Mobile app that lest you book a new ticket – on any airline at no additional cost – in the event of a flight cancellation, four-hour delay, or missed connection.

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“Find, compare, and review doctors.” Reviews are individually human-moderated.

Tech Stack Highlights

Ruby On Rails – We use RoR for our core site implementation, enabling users to search for medical Providers and easily leave ratings & reviews. Our web pages are built using Bootstrap, HAML, SASS and Javascript technologies. We’ve built a data model system in Python that replaces ActiveRest. That model system is shared as a reusable Library by many of our other applications.

Postgres & Redis – All this is backed up by RDS instances in AWS running PostgresDB. We heavily use Redis and SOLR for data caching and queue management.

Flask/Python – The rest of our apps and services – Email systems, data analysis, internal tools – all run in Python based Flask/Flask-Restless environments.

ELK – Our logging system is run as an Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana stack utilizing Filebeat and Logspout for streaming the log output. From this stack we’ve also created a comprehensive Technical SEO Dashboard where we can monitor crawlers and their activity and measure the cause & effect on new site features.

DevOps – Our apps are deployed using Docker Swarm orchestration via Ansible scripts for independence from specific cloud providers. We’ve built a structure with Docker in a Blue/Green deployment methodology so there is zero downtime when releasing code updates. The system is front ended with Jenkins-CI for automated execution of Unit/Integration/Acceptance test suites.

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Podcast discovery and listening platform. Building “the new radios of our time.”

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Platform for mothers to offer part-time services to others in their community, on their own schedule.

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