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Startups Using React in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston React startups we've found.

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Working on a patient-directed research platform, starting by “finding an effective opioid alternative to fight the opioid crisis.”

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On-demand beer, wine, and liquor delivery.

Tech Stack Highlights

Ruby / Rails – We use Ruby and Rails for our web facing applications, as well as the API underlying the platform. The entire platform is deployed to Amazon AWS. We haven’t made the jump to Rails 5 yet for existing applications, but it’s on the radar.

AWS – The entire drizly platform is built on AWS. We use a variety of different services, including SNS, Redshift and Lambda, which are used heavily in our data pipeline.

React – Where possible new frontend development is done in React. We have some SPA style projects built in React, as well as a significant number of components on our e-commerce site utilizing react.

Mysql/Postgres/Redshift – Depending on the application we use a slightly different data-store. We like to be flexible, and find the right solution for the problem at hand.

SQS – We utilize SQS heavily as a background job processing system. We’ve found it to be stable, and durable, and performant enough for our use cases.

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Analytics, CRM, and marketing automation platform.

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“Enterprise-level wholesale ordering, marketing, and product discovery [for] independent grocers, emerging brands, and regional specialty food and beverage distributors.”

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Platform for finding licensed in-home daycare providers near you.

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Developing a new, tech-enabled healthcare experience with their own network of primary care providers.

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Mobile app for hiring retail / restaurant workers, with a streamlined application, chat, and video interview process.

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Stealth startup working on better software for healthcare professionals.

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“Open standards FHIR API platform to read, write, and build apps on data connected to 100s of health systems.”

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Modern intranet platform for colleges and their students, with easy integration of LMS systems and other 3rd party apps.

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