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Startups Using Polymer in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Polymer startups we've found.

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Sports analytics video content & media services.

Tech Stack Highlights

Java – We use java for our core backend and middleware needs. We use it for data mining large volumes of player tracking data and for an in memory business intelligence engine.

MySQL and PostgreSQL – We use both relational DB’s in various products. They’re used in fairly similar and traditional ways. We’ve let teams pick the DB they’re more comfortable with for each app. We’ve used PostgreSQL mostly for storing user data and MySQL mostly for persisting our analytics warehouse.

NodeJS – We use Express/NodeJS for our front end web servers. This allows us to take advantage of sharing clientside and serverside code.

Polymer – We use Polymer and Web Components to help modularize our UI. This is relatively new for us, with the goal of increasing maintainability, reusability, and reduced development time.

React Native – We use react currently for iOS development. We chose React so that when we also create an android app that will be quick and still feel native on each mobile plaform.

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