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Startups Using Jupyter in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Jupyter startups we've found.

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Predictive analytics for healthcare data, targeting preventable admissions, member retention, and risk-based reimbursement eligibility.

Tech Stack Highlights

Machine Learning – We build models on our Spark platform using MLlib as well as in custom Python environments where we use many of the popular Python-based machine learning libraries. We’ve invested the most in using the Pytorch library, which we use for our deep learning models.

Spark & Scala – We use a Scala-based data pipeline hosted on Spark to ingest customer data and prepare it for use in our models.

Zeppelin & Jupyter – We work with data using Zeppelin notebooks for Spark and Jupyter in our Python environments.

Automation & Infrastructure – We use CircleCI to build and deploy both our services and infrastructure. We use AWS Lambda to automate infrastructure tasks and create custom notifications and alerts to simplify our internal workflows.

AWS – We host our infrastructure on AWS. We’ve built an independently audited platform that supports working with protected health information.

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