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Startups Using Firebase in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Firebase startups we've found.

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“Smart meter and app for delivered fuels.” Increases supplier logistics efficiency & customer engagement.

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Commercial insurance search engine.

Tech Stack Highlights – plays an essential role for us in user and application analytics. Our user facing and internal application event tracking dashboards are built on top of keen events. We utilize both client-side and Node.js libraries for event tracking and management.

Firebase/AngularFire – Firebase and AngularFire are used in the front end to create a dynamic, real-time user-interface, and to support user authentication.

Gitlab – We use a self-hosted gitlab instance running on Ubuntu for source code control and release management.

Node.js/Express – Node.js and Express are used for a variety of background services including job running and our REST API.

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