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Startups Using Enzyme in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Enzyme startups we've found.

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Savings & insurance platform for freelancers, contractors, and others without steady employer benefits.

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Targeted advertising on interactive TV services.

Tech Stack Highlights

React/Redux – We use React for all new development, in combination with Redux for state management, and are actively converting existing features to it. The simplicity of React is more in parity with our Go back-end, and removes many of the frustrations our team has encountered with other technologies. We leverage Reselect for performance and composability, and find Enzyme to be a great testing utility.

AWS – The clypd platform runs entirely on AWS. We leverage VPCs to provide network isolation, EC2 to run our code and provide load balancing, S3 for backups, RDS to host databases, SQS for job queuing, and Redshift for heavy duty analytics. We have been thoughtful in how we set up security groups and instance profiles to follow a least-privilege model for both admins performing maintenance and our apps. We define the state of our infrastructure in Terraform, which allows for code review and dry-runs of infrastructure changes, along with maintaining history in git.

Go – Our team loves using Go to build software for the back-end. The safety and speed are a huge asset for rapid iteration. We’ve successfully leveraged many packages from the community, including Testify for unit test assertions and gorp for a minimal database abstraction layer.

GLPK – At its core, our product optimizes the buying and selling of television advertising. For that, we need technology that can grow and scale to accommodate larger and more complicated optimization problems. R has been crucial for the rapid prototyping of these mathematical problem abstractions but to actually solve them we leverage the Gnu Linear Programming Kit (GLPK). Both tools help us grow and refine the mathematical foundations of our product.

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