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Startups Using Elasticsearch in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Elasticsearch startups we've found.

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Direct mail automation platform.

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Physician interaction data platform with profiling, predictive analytics.

Tech Stack Highlights

Flask – we migrated to Flask from Django to increase the flexibility with which we build and manage our portfolio of workflow applications. We manage our own library of plugins and cookiecutters to enable efficient setup for new team members and team members picking up new projects.

React – we moved to React from Ractive as our JS framework for its performance, component oriented architecture, and server side rendering. React raises the level of abstraction in our front-end code base, making it more predictable and allowing our engineers to focus on building functionality versus wrestling with the framework.

AWS – as a healthcare IT company, we need to maintain a very high bar for our security and privacy infrastructure, given the high-stakes nature and stringent requirements of our large hospital system customer base. Our users rely on our ProviderMatch platform to match millions of patients to the right providers every year. AWS is our core cloud platform that allows us to accomplish this at scale.

ElasticSearch – our core patient-provider matching engine is enable by multi-faceted search. We have customized ES to our domain-specific data models, query types, and end user stories. ES recently migrated away from search as a core area of innovation (in lieu of analytics), so while we are investing in ways to optimize our utilization of ES, we also continue to keep an eye on the landscape of alternatives!

Slack – Slack is core to how our team communicates and gains critical insight into how our platform is performing. The ProviderMatch platform’s services are tightly integrated into Slack, and provide notifications and real-time performance insights that allow our team to stay on top of all platform activity.

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Turn-key promotion platform for retail businesses.

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Mobile apps for college alumni communities.

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Social media and blogger influencer identification.

Tech Stack Highlights

ElasticSearch – At the heart of it’s product, Traackr is a search engine. We leverage ElasticSearch for it’s relative simplicity of deployment while providing incredible powerful and fast search results even when used with complex queries against billions of documents.

AWS – As a SaaS business with the need flexibility to deploy new solutions or scale existing systems rapidly. AWS gives us that advantage and offer many complementary services to build advanced system quickly.

Git – “Just the code repo” right? With a distributed team and an agile process, git is very important to us. From Pull Requests for code review to CI and automatic deployments, git is always in the middle of it.

MongoDB – This NoSQL database has been a lifesaver for us. Easy to get started with it, the document model allowed us to scale quickly at the beginning when we were just discovering how to best index the unstructured (aka messy) web.

PHP/CakePHP – Good old boring PHP! Maybe not the most fancy language these days, but the incredible amount of libraries available and its sheer robustness (thousand of sites are build on it, hundred of thousand of developer are fluent in it) makes it a champion to build a production and enterprise ready solution.

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Social media sharing tools for publishers and web surfers.

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Drag-and-drop marketing tools for e-commerce & SMB websites.

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