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Startups Using Couchbase in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston Couchbase startups we've found.

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Portable eye-tracking kit for quick, accurate cognitive testing (e.g. for athletes after a hit to the head).

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Software tool suite for English-as-a-second-language teachers.

Tech Stack Highlights

Aurelia – After tinkering with a number of different front-end Javascript frameworks, we’ve moved forward with Aurelia to enable rich standards-based client-side functionality, routing and data-binding. We find that Aurelia’s test-ability and modular design work well for our small team.

ASP.NET MVC/Web API – Using these enterprise-grade frameworks and Visual Studio enables us to focus on delivering value to our customers through new web-based products and features. Documentation and IDE support for .NET and C# is incredibly rich. We also depend heavily upon continuous integration (CI), one-click builds, and Selenium automation tests to build in quality from the start.

Elasticsearch – We’re using Elasticsearch as our search platform to enable educators to construct and perform complex queries to identify and visualize data about students, such as those that might need extra attention or are at risk. Student data, especially for English Language Learners (ELLs), is incredibly nuanced and is comprised of many different properties. Elasticsearch helps us scale to support the fast searching of multiple data sets from each of our school district customers.

Python – We find that it’s one of the best technologies for data wrangling, especially when using packages such as pandas. Whether it is manipulating large datasets in MongoDB via map-reduce functions, or transforming data files containing important student data, Python is our tool of choice in this area.

Octopus Deploy – We use Octopus Deploy for our deployment automation platform. It holds a near and dear place in our hearts because it provides first-class support for Windows/.NET and is extensible, open and reliable. And it’s from Australia!

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App for building occupants to report building issues.

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