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Startups Using C++ in Boston

Via their job posts and information submitted by startups themselves, these are the Boston C++ startups we've found.

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Badge or biometric access solutions for healthcare providers.

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Elastically scalable cloud SQL database solution.

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“Patheer is an on-demand SaaS platform for organizations to grow, advance, and retain employees by raising awareness of internal career development and advancement opportunities.”

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Affordable high-resolution 3D printers.

Tech Stack Highlights

C++ – The majority of our codebase (Desktop & Embedded) is written in C++. This allows us to share code across platforms, and to be able to carefully control sensitive areas of code (performance and memory-wise).

Qt / QML – We use the Qt libraries throughout our code. This allows us to extend C++ with nice features for integrating various logic areas (signals / slots), as well as a tight integration with QML, which we use for our user interface code. QML is a great way to track state transitions, both on our embedded & desktop applications. Qt also makes cross-platform code easier to develop & maintain.

Yocto – Our printer runs a custom Linux distribution, which we build using the Yocto project. This system allows us to track our firmware builds & releases in a deterministic way.

Git – All of our source code is tracked in git, which provides all of our version control needs. It works nicely with Yocto to be able to exactly specify versions of firmware builds at the package level. It also allows for good collaboration between developers while preserving the cleanliness of shipping source code.

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“NewSQL” high-throughput database providers.

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Energy efficient lighting systems for industrial buildings.

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