Medical Device Startups

3Derm Systems

Medical device & protocol for primary caregivers to take high-def, 3D skin images that can be reviewed by a dermatologist, without requiring a specialist visit.

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VRPhysio - Fenway

Gamifying physical therapy with VR, while also providing movement analytics.

SyncThink - North End / North Station

Portable eye-tracking kit for quick, accurate cognitive testing (e.g. for athletes after a hit to the head).

Medisight Corp - MIT

Optical sensor technology for more accurate needle placement in epidurals and other medical procedures.

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Push-button blood collection medical device.

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Portal Instruments - East Cambridge / Kendall Square

Needle-free drug delivery device.

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Beta Bionics - Boston University

Makers of a bionic pancreas, providing glycemic control for those with Type 1 Diabetes.

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Makers of a new cognitive status diagnostic for researchers, clinicians, and others to non-invasively diagnose cognitive impairments.

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Micro-Leads - Boston University

Developing “implantable medical devices to treat nerve disorders through stimulation and modulation of nerve signals.”

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Makers of wearable devices that measure physiological signals, for things like early seizure notification.

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