Big Data Startups

Composable Analytics - Davis Square

Yahoo Pipes for big data. Drag-and-drop dataflow creation for easy custom analytics.

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“Data-backed litigation financing.” Analyzing court cases to “source, vet, and finance commercial litigation.”

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Location intelligence platform for evaluating new locations for businesses. Local market data, neighborhood insights, etc.

Cignifi - Kendall Square

“Credit risk and marketing scores using mobile phone data.”


Platform aggregating and analyzing footwear and apparel fit data, providing retailers with tools to offer “highly personalized fit ratings and size recommendations to shoppers.”

Decision Point Healthcare Solutions - Financial District

“Heathcare engagement analytics delivering insights designed to promote member and provider behavioral change.”

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Gravyty - Wellesley

Predictive analytics & data visualizations for non-profits’ CRMs, to help fundraising.


“Building data infrastructure for machine learning and predictive applications.”

Jobcase - Area IV / Kendall Square

LinkedIn for blue collar workers.

Cogito - Government Center

Voice analysis software for sales calls and other phone professionals.