Artificial Intelligence Startups

Kemvi - Kendall Square

AI assistant for sales teams.


Using satellite imagery & AI analysis to monitor water use in agriculture, for water markets or farm-owners.

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Personalized AI assistant that prioritizes your email for you.

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Delve Labs

Makers of Warden, an AI-powered security vulnerability assessment tool.

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Frase - Downtown Crossing

AI-powered “real-time research assistant for content marketers” within a custom word processor.

Shield AI

Using drones and AI to provide ‘last mile intelligence’ within combat environments to protect service members and civilians.

Suspect Technologies

AI-powered video tools for identification, privacy (face-censoring), and security monitoring.

Giant Otter

Developing new AI frameworks to provide better conversational interfaces.

Insurify - Lechmere

KAYAK for car insurance. Quick, personalized car insurance quotes from multiple providers.


Emotion-sensing facial analysis platform for developers.