You can email jay @at@ bostonstartupsguide .dot. com with additional information or corrections you’d like to see made to a startup’s profile.

Please note that startup descriptions are our own plain-English explanation of what a startup does, unless otherwise indicated. But if we’ve gotten something wrong, happy to learn more and revise accordingly.

Any startup listed can ask to have added:

  • a company video
  • tech stack highlights (see format instructions below)
  • a link to their careers page (must be part of your own site & list open roles you’re actively hiring for)

Featured jobs are included as part of our job board plans.

Tech Stack Highlights

To help provide startups with some more exposure to the developer community in Boston, we’ll feature up to five key technologies you use.

All you have to do is send your five technologies in a format just like this (you can find more examples in our Built in Boston Startup Tech Stacks section):

Ruby on Rails – We use Rails for our core application, matching coaches across multiple sports categories with user preferences, through geospatial searches. We deploy through Heroku, with Capybara and Rspec tests (hosted on Solano) automatically run on any deployment or git merge.

SASS – Our front-end engineers use SASS for all of our CSS, styling HTML written as Mustache templates. We take advantage of flexbox layout and other modern CSS features, and gracefully degrade for users on older browsers with the help of Modernizr.

Just a two sentence description with information like:

  • what functionality you use the tech to provide,
  • what frameworks or tools do you use with it,
  • what workflow practices or development methodologies do you follow so you’re using it ‘the right way’ or to meet your company’s priorities, etc.

Things developers you’d like to hire would want to know. Not: definitions / benefits of the tech in general. =)