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Our printers sit in the middle of an interdependent ecosystem of software, mechanical, and electrical components. Coordinating system-level behavior requires deep technical knowledge as well as a firm understanding of how the product behaves in the field.

The Systems Engineer will be a critical member of the team that is responsible for understanding our printers and working with engineering design teams to integrate new capabilities into our products. If you are an experienced, multi-disciplinary engineer interested in developing 3D printers from a systems perspective, this is the job for you.

The Job:

  • Collaborate with engineering teams to define system requirements for new features, validate design changes, and assess performance
  • Design and run tests to validate new functionality without breaking existing features
  • Use insights gained from field and manufacturing data to improve our products


  • Are a hands-on engineer well versed in hardware debugging and experimental design
  • Have a desire to deeply understand system level interactions of complex systems
  • Are a fluent programmer who can use code to work more efficiently

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