Klaviyo Klaviyo

We’re looking for a talented marketing professional to join our team!

The Product Marketing Manager is responsible for figuring out how to position and communicate the benefits of Klaviyo. You’ll be charged with informing prospects, customers and influencers of new features and exciting applications of our software. You’ll need to be skilled in understanding, articulating and broadcasting how a new release or specific piece of functionality improves the lives of our users. A deep understanding of our target audience and product is critical to this role.

Core responsibilities:

Define and execute launch strategies. Develop the launch plan for each product update and feature release. This could include anything from an announcement in our newsletter to a press tour. You’re responsible for knowing what we’re releasing; who it will benefit; how impactful it will be; and how to best get the word out.

Develop great product content. Iterate on our value proposition and make sure key use cases and core benefits are communicated clearly in all product-specific messaging. This includes things like introductory demos for new customers and training sessions. Your job is to make sure that the marketing and sales teams are equipped to communicate the value of our product across a variety of channels and user lifecycle stages.

Customer & market research. Manage ongoing and ad hoc customer surveys designed to help us better understand our users. This includes developing user personas, and helping the rest of the organization understand how to identify and communicate with different customer segments. You’ll also be monitoring and report on the marketplace, and keep the team up-to-date on new features and initiatives launched by our competitors.

Pricing and packaging. Own the pricing and packaging strategy for the company. Look for opportunities to refine and optimize it to create a great customer experience that supports our business goals. Your success requires close collaboration with the sales, customer success, and product management team. As the “command center” for the rest of the sales and marketing team, your ultimate success will be measure by MRR. But there are several leading indicators you’ll be in a position to influence, including:

  • The try-to-buy conversion rate.
  • Customer retention rate.
  • Customer engagement rate – the overall number of customers who are deriving value from Klaviyo, based on how they’re using our software.
  • Adoption rate for specific features.

In the first 30 days, you’ll have:

  • Gotten up to speed on our product
  • Done an initial analysis of the competitive landscape.
  • Contributed your first product blog post

Within 90 days, you’ll have:

  • Revamped & presented the Klaviyo pitch deck
  • Revamped the Klaviyo “Getting Started” webinar
  • Set up a company-wide demo account for live product demonstrations.
  • Contributed one product-specific blog post per week

Before you hit your first year anniversary, you’ll:

  • Released new product messaging matching our customer profiles.
  • Planned and executed a major product release.
  • Help keep the maintain net negative MRR churn for 6 consecutive months.
  • Analyzed and made recommendations for pricing and packaging improvements

About You

You pay close attention to the details, and you’re also deadline-driven. You rock at organizing and motivating your peers across the company to ensure every feature launch or product update is a success. You have exceptional communication skills, both written and face-to-face: you’re succinct but compelling, and understand how to get the point across. You love getting into the details, but you’re a big picture thinker. You’re familiar with marketing automation and email marketing. And most importantly, you have a sincere passion for helping our customers accelerate the growth of their businesses through data-driven marketing.

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