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At Appcues, we’re creating a platform to transform how the world builds and experiences software in the digital age. Companies like Spotify, Slack, and Zoom have shown us that product-led companies are the future, and Appcues will be the platform they (and companies following their lead) use to create user experiences that grow their business.

Product Managers at Appcues work as part of a team, along with talented designers and engineers, to define and execute a customer-centric roadmap. And that’s not lip service: every month we test new features with our customers, and if it doesn’t solve their pain points, then it’s just not good enough. As a product-led company, we hold our PMs responsible for driving self-service revenue, and ask teams to solve hard challenges on behalf of our customers and the business every single week. Product is core to what we do here, so you won’t be off on an island: you’ll interact with all of leadership, including our Chief Product Officer (and one of the company’s founders).

Key responsibilities

  • Talking to and working with customers constantly
  • Collaborating with designers and engineers to solve problems
  • Curating and communicating a long-term product roadmap
  • Analyzing data to find gaps and opportunities
  • Defining metrics and setting targets that guide us to success

About you

  • You are positive, creative and curious
  • Collaborating with others is something you find enjoyable and exciting
  • Communicating effectively, especially in writing, is one of your superpowers
  • You can multi-task and yet always find a way to get the most important things done
  • Listening to customers, discussing strategy with colleagues, or diving into the weeds—you love it all
  • You are dedicated to your craft and want to work with people who inspire you on a daily basis

At Appcues, our mission is to help teams build products their users love. With Appcues, you can create in-product experiences (user onboarding, feature announcements, etc.) without writing any code. We believe it’s the non-technical people who oftentimes have the best information about a user’s needs and desires. And we give them the tools to act

We’re a dynamic group of talented teammates who challenge, trust, and care about each other, the work we do, and the success story we’re all helping to write. We live by our values, our benefits are real, and sometimes we have donuts!

Appcues is an equal opportunity employer. We believe a diverse team is a stronger team.

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