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Personalized app for cancer patients to manage their care

Outcomes4Me is hiring a lead software engineer to take a key leadership position in our development team. You should have a high degree of comfort developing high-quality, lovable experiences and robust, scalable systems.

About Outcomes4Me

Having a life-threatening disease, such as cancer, is devastating. It’s like being forced to start a new job with no applicable experience, a job you can’t quit and in which poor performance might cost you your life.

In 2017, the U.S. alone spent over $80 billion a year researching and treating cancer. Despite new developments and the progress being made:

  • Treatment approaches are complex and vary widely
  • We don’t really know how treatments perform outside of clinical trials, in the real world
  • Patients have a hard time understanding their disease and navigating their care

Outcomes4Me helps patients improve their outcomes while simultaneously accelerating the overall cycle of progress. Our app gives patients the ability to manage every aspect of their treatment and recovery. By partnering with national organizations and premier medical institutions, we’re able to provide verified content and functionality that doctors can recommend and patients can trust.

What you’ll find at Outcomes4Me:

  • Purpose: If you gain strength from doing important work, you belong on our team.
  • Challenge: We’re improving the lives of people who need us. We have big challenges ahead and the motivation to overcome them.
  • Trust: We’re building a culture of independence. That means we’re going to trust and support you in making decisions.
  • Transparency: You need to see the whole picture if you’re going to make an impact.
  • Modernity: We took a vote, and Git narrowly beat out SVN and CVS. Yippee! (j/k)

Our current stack:

  • React Native / Redux
  • Node.js / Express / TypeScript
  • AWS: EC2 + Lambda, Postgres

You’re a good fit if you’re a:

  • Confident engineer
  • Energetic spirit
  • Insightful thinker
  • Thoughtful do-gooder
  • Caring human

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