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We run virtual networking events attendees love.

Are you looking for a challenge?  Enjoy working at an early-stage startup with little structure?  Are you senior enough to design an effective marketing strategy but still enjoy executing in a hands-on role?  If so, we’d love to talk to you.

About Us:

At Meetaway, we make it easy to run virtual one-on-one networking events that attendees love.  In fact, most attendees say they prefer networking at virtual Meetaways to in-person networking events.

With COVID, there’s been a crazy increase in demand for our product.  Usage has grown by 10,000% since December.  And, nearly all of this is from product-driven growth and word of mouth – we’re doing next to nothing for marketing today.  Imagine what this could look like with the addition of some great marketing!

We’re also working to automate as much as possible so we should be able to handle growing another 1,000% by the end of the year.

Meetaway provides a fast-paced environment where a small, elite team can create a significant business that impacts millions of people’s lives for the better, often in life-changing ways.

At Meetaway, we believe helping people connect and build the right relationships is perhaps the single best way to help them achieve their life’s goals.  We know a single connection can change one’s life (and often does) and we’re creating a better way for people to connect and build the right relationships.

We also care about our customers more than you can imagine – and we take pride in that.

More About You:

We’re looking for our first marketing hire and someone to join our core team.  Once you’ve proven yourself in the first month, we’ll build our team around you to add marketing support/resources to complement your skills and interests.

Our ideal candidate will meet most of the following criteria:

  • Proven track-record as a B2B marketer
  • Demonstrated success in startups or other less structured environments
  • Strong ability to effectively message and frame information.  Can make the complex simple
  • Ability and aptitude to design and implement an effective marketing strategy
  • Capability to oversee, manage, and/or execute projects across most major marketing disciplines, with an emphasis on product-driven growth, content/inbound/seo, partnerships, event marketing, and paid ads
  • Prefers to roll up sleeves and get shit done
  • Enjoys working with great people and great people enjoy working with you
  • Strong desire to prove oneself and succeed at challenging projects
  • Desired personal attributes: entrepreneurial mindset, team player, continual learner, understands self, resourceful, hard-charging, strategic, action-oriented, multifaceted, and a pleasure to work with
  • Entrepreneurial mindset (it bears repeating)

Big picture, we want someone who can get us more, happy customers.  While we have some strong opinions on how we want to approach this, we’re looking for someone we can trust to take the lead on planning and executing nearly all of our marketing activities.

To Apply

Send us an email ( with the following:

  1. Subject: Marketing Lead
  2. A resume, link to Linkedin, or similar.  We’re not picky on the format – just prove it’s worth our time to have a conversation.
  3. 1 paragraph answer to the question: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?  (we’re using this answer in place of a cover letter)

The rocket is taking off, are you ready for an amazing ride?

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