Mango, Inc.

Mango is hiring a Senior Systems Engineer (SE). The SE will be a founding employee that recasts an elegantly simple deep-tech into dozens of disruptive life-saving products. You will work directly with the CSO and report to the CEO. The SE will set up a prototyping lab in Boston, design and build prototypes, hire engineers, oversee their work, and mentor the team. Resourceful, self-motivated, and a masterful problem-solver, your team follows you because you lead them to success.

The position is full-time. Competitive compensation includes salary, substantial founders’ equity, and health insurance, paid vacation, standard holidays.

Mango has three immediate deliverables the SE will own:

0–12 months:         Complete the alpha prototype and deliver systems to our F10 partner;

12–18 months:         Validate the alpha prototype system;

18–24 months:         Advance the alpha prototype to a beta prototype for early adopters.


Oversee technical experts in industrial engineering, process systems engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, production engineering, control engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, signal processing, cloud engineering, and project management.

  • Supervise all aspects of prototyping and manufacture;
  • Set up and run a prototyping lab;
  • Manage 3-5 engineers’ daily work (consultants/employees);
  • Formulate development plans from use cases: write requirements, specifications, test plans;
  • Design and build subsystems such as software, firmware, optical, and electrical;
  • Lead teams through complex root-cause analysis.


  • Typical education and experience are an Engineering MS/Ph.D., 10+ years of experience progressing to a systems engineering role;
  • Experience developing analytical instruments and consumables sciences is required;
  • Experience designing, prototyping and scaling complex embedded systems;
  • Experience with standards and regulations like USP, ISO, FDA, CFR Part 21, UL, others;
  • Established network of Boston-area and international engineering and software consultants, contract development and contract manufacturing firms;
  • Helpful experience: optics, data science, computer vision, imaging sensors, edge computing, ASIC’s, subsystem integration AI, matrix math;
  • Biomanufacturing, diagnostics, and microbiology experience is a plus but not required.

While these are typical qualifications, we are more interested in what you can do and not your pedigree.

The Company and Technology

Mango Inc. is inspired by California Institute of Technology professor Changhuei Yang and his lensless microscope. Chris Davis founded the company to change how we diagnose diseases and develop new drugs using lensless imaging.

Here’s how the invention works. Traditional microscopes project a magnified image of an object onto a sensor. In contrast, the lensless microscope places the object close enough to the sensor to cast a shadow. Cells multiply like ants, and a digital camera sensor chip captures images of the cells over an array of pixels. This totally revolutionizes the way you can use microscopes out in the field.

Now fully funded, Mango and its team are already in the fabrication process and working to improve the original design. Once manufactured, the kit could change biotechnology in two fundamental ways.

First, we will be able to use thousands of the devices simultaneously using a single controlling circuit. This allows Mango to diagnose disease and ensure patients receive vaccines and drugs faster and more efficiently.

Secondly, we will lower the barrier to entry for advanced microscopy and make field diagnosis a more accessible and more viable option in places like Africa.

The technology and the company received funding from the deep-tech venture capital group, the U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Coulter Foundation, the National Institute of Health, Johnson and Johnson, the prestigious JLABS incubator, and The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals.

Our Values

Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of select investors and technologists with a minimalist style. Build the best product. Our criteria for the best product rests on function, reliability, and, foremost, simplicity. Making the best product matters for patients and for saving the planet.

Cause No Unnecessary Harm
We know that our business activity—from lighting labs to making consumables—is part of the problem. We work steadily to change business practices and share what we’ve learned. But we recognize that this is not enough. We seek not only to do less harm, but more good.

Use Business to Protect our World
Profit and sustainability can coexist. The challenges we face as a society require leadership. Once we identify a problem, we act. We embrace risk and act to protect and restore the stability, integrity and beauty of the web of life.

Not Bound by Convention
Our success—and much of the fun—lies in developing new ways to do things.

Mango supports decisions made through consensus, and an open office with no doors or separations. Chris believes the best leadership is by example and his office is like everyone else’s, he pays for his own lunch and he always tries to be available. There is no distinction between those who use the products and those who make them.

Mango selects employees who will fit with the company culture and it values diversity of all kinds.  With an average of 40 people applying for each job vacancy, it takes its time to find the right fit. It hires to keep the company culture strong.

Mango allows employees to work flexible hours, as long as the work gets done with no negative impacts on others. Sometimes it is important to get home in time to greet the kids when they come down from the school bus.

Our labs and offices are in West Concord at the revitalized historic Damon Mill complex, which dates to the 17th century and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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