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Forge.AI is looking to augment its AI staff with a person capable of providing contributions across multiple concurrent efforts.

The AI team at Forge works across multiple disciplines including probabilistic graph models, deep learning and recurrent neural networks predominantly using TensorFlow, conditional random field sequence modeling, natural language generation, and semantic knowledge bases. Day to day development is performed in Python, C++, Java.

You will work across multiple AI projects mostly involved with natural language processing, natural language generation and knowledge base development. Initially you will be responsible for unifying a training and testing environment, managing human annotators and insuring the quality and format of the training data. You will participate in the training and QA of all of the AI capabilities under development.

It is anticipated that you will contribute to the authoring and development of different modeling capabilities as you become more comfortable in the environment and demonstrate you capability and capacity to contribute on multiple layers.

Minimum qualifications

  • Proficiency in python
  • Proficiency in C++
  • Exposure to Natural Language Processing.

Important Personal Attributes

  • You are curious about science and technology
  • Challenging yourself is an intrinsic part of who you are
  • Team matters
  • Sharing and debating ideas to get to the right answer is important to you
  • You seek to act and don’t wait to be told
  • You like to teach those around you
  • You are serious about your work but also believe that laughter and levity are important
  • You work hard and you also have passions outside of work that enrich your life
  • Winning is important to you, but so is how you win

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