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Who we are

Drizly is the world’s largest alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop beer, wine and spirits. Our customers trust us to be part of their lives – their celebrations, parties, dinners and quiet nights at home. We partner with the best retail stores in over 70 cities across North America to serve up the best buying experience and offer a huge selection and competitive pricing with a side of personalized content. That is what we do. Who we are is a different story.

We are more than just another tech company. There is an intellectual curiosity that occurs at Drizly.  We have a desire to question, to understand, to figure it out. We value not just the truth but the process to get to the truth, to deliberate, decide and then act.  Most importantly, we care. We care about our customer. We care about our company. We care about our team. We are blazing a trail in an industry that hasn’t changed in nearly a century, and that doesn’t scare us (well, not all the time) -and even when it does, it doesn’t stop us, it energizes us. Do you see yourself here?  Read on.

Who you are

You are analytical in every sense of the word.  You don’t just love data – you love what data represents. You rely on data to make a case, you launch structured tests to prove a point, and you’re ok with admitting when things don’t go as planned. You see yourself as a creative – able to see patterns and identify solutions. You have high attention to detail – you are thorough and accurate. Some people say ‘success is in the details’ – you live this. You are a strong communicator, able to share the story that the numbers are telling. It’s not just enough to see the solution, you are able to think critically and make decisions based on your findings. You love to execute.  People have called you scrappy.  You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the work.  You are competitive.  You have relentlessly high standards and are never satisfied with the status quo.  Good enough never is, because you are wired to go for more.

You have at least two years of direct experience managing and growing PPC campaigns in Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo preferably in a B2C ecommerce environment.  You have a proven track record for driving new buyer growth and revenue and a proven ability to launch and scale ROI-positive customer acquisition programs and effectively measure lift. You have a strong understanding of web and app technology: cookies, SDKs, tracking, tagging – as well as a strong understanding of data-driven, direct response digital marketing ecosystem, including the different platforms and partners available. And, it should go without mentioning, you have advanced proficiency in Excel.

This role is responsible for:

  • Supporting all paid digital acquisition efforts including PPC, Affiliate, Display, App marketing and more, including Drizly’s largest paid acquisition channel – SEM.
  • Strategizing and executing campaign optimization including keyword expansion, landing page tests, bidding, ad copy testing, location targeting, day parting, demographic targeting and more.
  • Managing all affiliate channels across various platforms (CJ, Pepperjam, Rakuten), will recruit new affiliates, develop strong relationships and optimize performance with existing partners.
  • Monitoring and reporting on important KPI’s such as traffic, cost, revenue, LTV, etc for all of our marketing channels, while staying up-to-date with marketing trends and help on launching new channels.

The Good Stuff

  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Commuter benefits
  • 401(K) Plan
  • Added perks

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