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The Demand Generation Marketing Manager is responsible for managing lead generation campaigns for Klaviyo. This includes overseeing and growing inbound interest, as well as developing, managing and optimizing paid acquisition channels.

Since we’re already generating thousands of leads each month, you’ll be starting with a strong foundation. To drive things to the next level,  you’ll need to focus on accelerating leads across all target segments; developing and scaling proactive lead generation levers; and putting programs in place to help us successfully build relationships with top-of-funnel prospects.

The successful candidate will be results-driven, and comfortable with both the analytical and creative sides of acquisition marketing. S/he will have experience both in partnering with sales on lead generation efforts, as well as running direct response marketing. An appreciation for branding and an understanding of how the brand impacts overall business results is critical. Experience in fast-paced environments is also very important to this role. Responsibilities include:

Develop and run multi-channel lead gen campaigns. Design a lead gen strategy that is on-brand, measurable, and effective at driving new business. Ensure we scale acquisition activities quickly, while maintaining the integrity of our brand. Develop programs for driving direct conversion to sign up through our website, as well as generating leads for potential high revenue customers through an account-based marketing approach.

Own the inbound channel. Our inbound channel is our strongest asset. You’ll be responsible for monitoring it, identifying and scaling high quality inbound referral sources, including search engine optimization.

Manage the paid search marketing channel. Oversee ongoing direct response search marketing efforts. Ensure we are optimising keyword/targeting and bid strategies; continually improving ad copy; and frequently testing landing page variations to deliver the maximum return on our spend.

Identify new lead generation channels. Whether it’s editorial sponsorships, content syndication, podcasts, new social channels, free tools on our website, or advertising on the moon — you’ll be charged with finding, experimenting with and growing new acquisition channels over time.

Scale quickly and profitably. Demonstrate a strong understanding of key SaaS business metrics, and use those metrics to set target CPA thresholds per customer segment. Experiment with new channels, techniques, and messaging to scale budget within our target profit margins.
Your success will be measured by:Volume of new leads per customer segmentCost per lead

Getting Started / Key Outcomes

In the first 30 days, you’ll have:

  • Become familiar with our product and positioning
  • Come up to speed on the performance of ongoing paid channels
  • Reviewed results and economics of previous campaigns
  • Analyzed the inbound channel & developed an optimization strategy

Within 90 days, you’ll have:

  • Designed and executed at least three AB tests for current paid channels
  • Launched at least one thematic acquisition campaign
  • Identified target CPLs and CPAs by customer segment and channel
  • Set up a lead nurturing program

Before you hit your first year anniversary, you’ll:

  • Executed 4 large scale thematic lead generation campaigns
  • Doubled the performance from paid search
  • Tripled inbound leads from organic search
  • Identified and scaled at least one new acquisition channel

About You

You have experience with and a strong understanding of all digital acquisition channels, including display, search, social, and sponsorships. Test & learn is your default mindset. You love diving into the numbers and have a proven track record of analyzing campaign performance and identifying actionable insights to increase new customer acquisition. You understand SEO, and would probably describe yourself as a growth marketer. You’re a great partner to sales and are comfortable with ABM, but you’re not looking to concentrate on enterprise sales support — you enjoy working with SMB customers and can help drive our self service channel as well.  You have experience with SaaS companies and speak the language of MRR and LTV. You’re motivated by growth and the phrase “scale profitably” makes you happy.

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