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Klaviyo is using technology to reinvent email marketing from the ground up. For too long marketing has been pretty selfish. Companies blast everyone with the same email, not because they think that’s what customers want, but because they don’t have a choice.Klaviyo fundamentally changes the game. Our software ties together everything companies know about their customers, processes massive quantities of data in real-time, and uses it drive a platform that’s part CRM, part analytics engine, and 100% an email platform that gets results.Technology has come a long way in the last 15 years, but email hasn’t really changed. We’re here to fix that.

BDR Manager at Klaviyo

BDRs are a critical component of the Klaviyo sales machine. From qualifying inbound interest, to uncovering latent value in the existing prospect database, to cold sourcing larger prospects or potential agency partners, BDRs catalyze sales’ top line growth. The BDR manager is responsible for hiring and managing, coaching and developing, and measuring and organizing multiple BDR teams, each with a different core focus.  The BDR manager is inherently numbers-oriented, closely focusing on how each BDR funnel functions and finding ways to drive improvements and optimization, while at the same time thinking through the bigger picture and making larger adjustments in service of long-term success.

You Will:

  • Manage and scale multiple teams of BDRs focused on inbound lead qualification, agency partner pursuit, “mining” through Salesforce, and cold outbound lead generation
  • Drive month-over-month improvement in the the output per BDR across each BDR and each team
  • Create a team of up and coming talent by hiring, teaching, and coaching
  • Demonstrate the values of measurement and experimentation in service of improvement
  • Partner closely with both marketing and sales to define and evolve processes, provide feedback, and meet agreed upon SLAs


  • Have 2 – 5 years experience managing or leading a team of BDRs or AEs
  • Have a passion for teaching, coaching, and mentoring
  • Have experience with Salesforce and are proficient in Excel
  • Are thoughtful, engaging, energetic, and self-aware
  • Excel in a fast-paced environment
  • Are excited, motivated, and inspired by exceeding goals

Klaviyo is a team of people who are crazy motivated by growth. It’s what we help our customers do: grow their businesses by making it possible and easy for them to use their data to power better marketing.It’s how we behave as individuals: we’re all deeply passionate about learning. It’s how we manage our business: we have thousands of paying customers, we’re profitable, and we’re growing insanely fast. And it’s what our culture is all about. Working at Klaviyo means you’ll work on things you never imagined you would; you’ll grow in ways you didn’t consider possible; and you’ll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are.

Your curiosity has led you this far, so if this sounds like your ideal place to work, apply now!

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