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To reinvent an industry, you have to build the best team. Join Formlabs if you want to bring ground-breaking professional 3D printers to the desktop of every designer, engineer, researcher, and artist in the world.

Formlabs is offering a unique internship focusing on developing new applications for SLA printing on the Form 2. We need a radically creative and goal oriented person to discover what is possible and share it with the world through whitepapers, blog posts, tutorials, and printable models. The applications team pursues internal projects and external collaborations, so be ready to track down and maintain relationships with our partners. You’ll help create demos that our own designers and engineers get excited about – so that our customers will get excited about the possibilities too.

**Submitting a portfolio is recommended for this role.**

The Job:

  • Propose and perform ambitious experiments to develop highly visual demos that will translate well online.
  • Collaborate with and support customers who are already doing amazing things by providing design advice, printing in unreleased materials, and building friendly and mutually beneficial relationships that can turn into tutorial content.
  • Lots of 3D modeling and 3D printing!


  • Are highly curious and creative and a hands-on problem solver.
  • Are a perfectionist and have an attention to detail, but are still able to push projects through to completion.
  • Are not precious about your work and want to eagerly share your findings with as many people as possible.
  • Have a great sense of what demos would be popular online and appeal to our core audience of engineers and product designers.
  • Interested in materials, making and fabrication processes.
  • Interested in the digitization of traditional processes.

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