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If you’re a rapidly-growing Boston tech company, instead of paying $59/post you can take advantage of a flat monthly rate to get up to 30 Boston-based jobs posted straight from your site’s careers page to Boston Startups Guide’s job board each month.

Companies with 15 or fewer open roles pay only $149/month.

Companies with 16-30 open roles pay only $299/month.

We offer these flat-rate options to provide a better diversity of jobs to our audience, and provide a great service to startups in our community.

No integration needed (we do the data entry ourselves — no extra effort from your team!) and you can cancel your subscription at any time. On a monthly basis, we check your careers page for any roles that need to be added or removed from our job board, and you can email to request a quicker addition / removal at any time.

You’ll also receive extra visibility for your roles across the site, including (for startups) being listed at the top of the industry page you’re included in, and having several of your open roles appear in-line with your listing wherever it appears on the site; this is great exposure to passive candidates looking at who’s innovating in their industry.

*We do exclude posts for jobs outside the Boston area, or for roles that aren’t a fit for our audience (e.g. hourly labor, dietitians).

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 Single Job 

$59 per post

<15 jobs 

$149/month for all your jobs

15+ jobs 

$299/month for all your jobs

Reach great startup talent
Extra hiring visibility across the site
Automatic monthly posting

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By signing up you agree to some simple terms:

  • participation is subject to our approval; these flat rates are intended for Boston-area tech companies & startups only.
  • we may lightly edit job postings, including categorization and formatting, to match Boston Startups Guide’s standards.
  • you’re looking forward to finding some awesome candidates. =)

Questions? Email me: jay @at@ bostonstartupsguide .dot. com