Finance Startups

Adjoint - South Station

“Smart contracts and distributed ledger solutions built for modern finance.”

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Cignifi - Kendall Square

“Credit risk and marketing scores using mobile phone data.”

OpenExchange - Financial District

Platform for financial services and investor relations professionals: video conferencing and networking. Also lets you “do business in ways you never thought possible.”

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Brokerless, peer-to-peer stock trading platform. Partnered with banks to offer same-day trade settlement.

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Cinch Financial - Downtown Crossing / Government Center

Bill analysis & personalized recommendations for consumers’ “monthly bills like phone plans, mortgages, insurance, and credit cards.”

botkeeper - South Station

Machine-learning-powered automatic bookkeeping, with a human CPA, as a service.

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EFL Global - Central Square

Psychometric credit scoring, for better lending to entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide.

Elsen - Downtown Crossing

Faster processing power for hedge funds and financial institutions.

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Alt-Options - Back Bay / Newbury Street

Trading platform & options market for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

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Micronotes - Kendall Square

Interview survey tools for financial institutions to better cross-sell.

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