Education Startups

Panorama Education - Chinatown / Leather District

Teacher / parent / school survey platform and data analytics.

Ready4 - Downtown Crossing / South Station

Standardized test prep apps.

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Osso VR

Virtual reality training for surgeons.

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Brain Power

“Brain science-driven software to transform wearables like Google Glass™ into neuro-assistive devices for the educational challenges of autism.”

Quick Key - Kendall Square

“Mobile teacher tools.” Grading app lets teachers quickly scan & grade quizes using a multiple-choice bubble sheet.

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Sidekicks - Harvard Square

Web and mobile app for children with autism; built to allow parents to use video clips relevant to their child’s passions to provide social, emotional, and other lessons.

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Ellevation - Leather District

Software tool suite for English-as-a-second-language teachers.

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Giant Otter

Developing new AI frameworks to provide better conversational interfaces.

Hstry - Fort Point

Interactive, rich-media timeline creation software for teachers.

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Chalk Talk

“Data-driven SAT prep” / personalized learning platform.

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