Business Startups


Personalized AI assistant that prioritizes your email for you.

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Diffeo - Porter Square

Using machine learning to search & display information related to what you’re writing, as you write it.

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“Video conferencing for distributed teams.”

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Content Raven

“Enterprise YouTube.” Video eLearning platform for companies’ content.

Tettra - Union Square

Knowledgebase within your Slack to organize and share information with your teams.

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DoneGood - Allston

Yelp for business values. Find companies that match with your values (organic, humane, green, locally-sourced, etc.).

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VentureApp - Downtown Crossing / Park Street

Business networking platform.

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Drift - Lechmere

Tools for personalizing interactions with online customers. Individual tracking, behavior-driven messaging, and more.

Catalant - Leather District

Platform for hiring consultants on-demand for business projects.

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All-in-one business analytics dashboard.

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