Advertising Startups

TVision Insights - Waterfront

Computer vision & eye-tracking technology to measure viewer attention.

AirFox - Downtown Crossing

Offering mobile data for consumers who view ads.

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Emotion-sensing facial analysis platform for developers.

BeaconsInSpace - Downtown Crossing

iBeacon platform allowing app developers to monetize by providing user locations to brands for retargeting campaigns.


Consumer rewards for healthy living (and advertising platform for brands offering incentives).

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Brevi - South Station

Facebook advertising simplified for small businesses.

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Aquto - Fort Point

Ad platform that gives consumers mobile data credit for engaging with brands.

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Ad platform for e-commerce companies to better up-sell or cross-sell existing customers.

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Celtra - Kendall Square

Mobile ad creation tools.

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clypd - Kendall Square

Targeted advertising on interactive TV services.

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