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Telehealth Startup Goodpath Launches With $4M in Seed Funding

While Bill Gianoukos and Carl Nehme were heading up their last startup, a photo messaging platform called TrumpIt, Gianoukos mother was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. The outlook was grim: Her doctor estimated she would only live another eight weeks. But Gianoukos’ wife, a doctor herself specializing in pain management, had another idea. If they

Apr 23, BostInno

Digits launches a free expense monitoring dashboard for small businesses, closes on $22M Series B

Digits, a fintech startup hailing from the same team that built and sold Crashlytics to Twitter, is officially launching today after two years of development. It’s also announcing a $22 million Series B round of funding led by GV, as it makes its public debut. While the company had been fairly quiet about product details

Apr 23, TechCrunch

Boston-Based App Helps Shoppers Find Essential Coronavirus Items

A Boston-based startup is making it easier for people to find essential items during the coronavirus crisis. is powered by Popcart, an app that compares online product prices. The site alerts users about where and when things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and pantry staples are in stock, and how much they cost.

Apr 21, CBSN Boston

Announcing NextView’s Everyday Economy Accelerator

We at NextView Ventures are sensitive to the challenges which all startups face during these times brought upon us by the current Coronavirus crisis.  As we have discussed elsewhere, the world of early stage investing is shifting from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to FOLD (Fear Of Looking Dumb).  Even though some of the most transformative tech companies are built during difficult economic

Apr 20, NextView Ventures

Algorand launches $42 million grant program for dapp developers

Alogrand Foundation, the nonprofit behind the Algorand blockchain, wants developers to build dapps and middleware for its network. To fuel the growth of a thriving developer community, it’s giving away 250 million ALGO—currently worth about $42 million—in the form of grants. For the uninitiated, Algorand is the brainchild of Silvio Micali, a Turing Award-winning cryptographer

Apr 14, Decrypt

Somerville Startup Biobot Analytics Scours Sewage For Coronavirus

Newsha Ghaeli wants to turn the sewer system into a public health observatory. “Urine and stool contain a lot of information about human health and well-being,” said Ghaeli, a former MIT researcher who co-founded Somerville startup Biobot Analytics with Mariana Matus in 2017. Biobot scours wastewater for the stuff we excrete, like bacteria or drug

Apr 14, WGBH

For out of work techies, job hunting becomes a full-time scramble

“It’s a sudden shock to the system,” said Jeanne Hopkins, who was laid off from the business travel company “Typically, it is gradual, but when you can see clearly that the business is in trouble, you have to make decisions that are surgical in order to save the patient.” Hopkins lost her job when

Apr 13, The Boston Globe

Brilliant: One team’s 48-hour COVID-19 hackathon

Boston has been dealing with an enormous problem. The region is one of the epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic. People suffering from homelessness are among the most vulnerable during the pandemic, and Boston has a large homelessness problem. So here’s the challenge: How can Boston manage the enormous inflow of potential COVID-19 patients? There is

Apr 10, ZDNet

Cambridge Database Startup NuoDB Lays Off Nearly One-Third of Its Staff

NuoDB, the Cambridge-based database provider founded in 2008, has laid off employees as the novel coronavirus takes its toll on the startup landscape. A source told BostInno that 20 people had been let go, leaving the startup with 50 full-time employees. NuoDB declined to answer questions about how many employees were laid off but said

Apr 10, BostInno

Amid unicorn layoffs, Boston startups reflect on the future

As domestic and global economies grapple with the COVID-19 era, its impact on startups is coming into focus: All will be impacted, many will suffer and some will close. Boston, a city that TechCrunch keeps tabs on, has seen a number of well-known startups struggle in recent weeks. Their misfortunes come quickly after companies in

Apr 10, TechCrunch