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Kleiner prints gold with Desktop Metal, netting a roughly 10x return

Desktop Metal is one of the most interesting startups to come out of Boston in some time, with a technology designed to “print metal.” That’s a potentially huge expansion for the 3D printing market, where flexible polymers are the norm, a material that limits the kinds of products that these machines can produce. Little surprise

Sep 15, TechCrunch

Boston Startup Creates The Dronut, A Drone To Fly In Tight Spaces

A Boston startup is giving drones a new look that could make a big difference in security and safety. Cleo Robotics is putting the propellers inside. “What we’ve done is a leap forward in technology and capability,” said Omar Eleryan, the chief executive officer of Cleo Robotics, which is housed in the new MassRobotics facility

Sep 15, CBS Boston

As low-code startups continue to attract VC interest, what’s driving customer demand?

Investor interest in no-code, low-code apps and services advanced another step this morning with Airtable raising an outsized round. The $185 million investment into the popular database-and-spreadsheet service comes as it adds “new low-code and automation features,” per our own reporting. The round comes after we’ve seen several VCs describe no- and low-code startups as

Sep 14, TechCrunch

After raising $200M, Boston unicorn CEO eyes IPO

With no set timeframe for Snyk’s IPO right now, CEO Peter McKay says he doesn’t exclude other forms of exits such as an acquisition or a listing via a special-purpose acquisition company, an expedited process that has become popular this year. However, “our view is probably more towards the traditional (IPO),” he said. The provider

Sep 09, Boston Business Journal

Lightmatter Startup Tries to Speed Up Computing Using Light

The idea of using light instead of electricity in computing has been around for decades. Boston-based startup Lightmatter Inc. believes the technology’s time has finally come. The potential benefits — greater speed requiring less power — are understood. But the approach, known as photonics, has mostly foundered because it’s difficult to design and manufacture the required circuitry.

Sep 09, Bloomberg

ScootRoute maps out directions for moped drivers

Setting out to make her daily commute better and her visits to see relatives in the suburbs a bit smoother on her Vespa, Meghan Braley tapped into the micromobility navigation software market. A year later, her application ScootRoute is available nationally and has garnered interest abroad. Similar to Waze and Google Maps, ScootRoute provides turn-by-turn

Sep 08, BostInno

Softbank leads $100M investment in remote monitoring startup Biofourmis

Biofourmis, a Boston-based company that makes software-based therapeutic platforms, raised $100 million in a series C round led by SoftBank’s second Vision Fund. The company currently has developed a digital therapeutic for heart failure patients with Novartis, and plans to expand into other clinical areas.

Sep 03, MedCityNews

Student entrepreneurs launch Envision, an accelerator for underrepresented young founders

Seventeen startups from across the country just graduated from the inaugural cohort of Envision, a brand-new, student-founded startup accelerator for students and recent college graduates. Among the startups that graduated from the program was Holdette, a women’s workwear company out of Boston University that aims to launch its first line of suits this year. Another was Justice

Sep 01, BostInno

Capchase raises $4.6M to deliver fast cash to SaaS companies

As a business model, SaaS has expanded to epic size. A number of major SaaS companies filed to go public last week, and there are now thousands of SaaS startups growing all around the world. That scale makes it easier for banks and financial institutions to offer tailored solutions to this market around everything from

Aug 31, TechCrunch

HelloTeam raises $3.5M seed round for employee management platform

HelloTeam, a Boston-based startup offering a platform to manage and engage employees, has brought in $3.5 million in seed funding. The round was led by Boston firm Underscore VC, with participation from Osage Venture Partners, Ventureforgood and others. HelloTeam got its start in 2016, around the same time founder and CEO Tanya Bakalov left her previous

Aug 18, BostInno