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Behind the American Dream: Why Sam chose Boston to scale

A new perspective on entrepreneurship led Sam Saltis into a Boston winter so icy that his phone stopped working outside. “It gets really cold here — to the point where on your phone, they send you messages to stay indoors,” the founder of Core dna says. Saltis wasn’t in Boston for the weather, though: he

Sep 09, The Syndney Morning Herald

Meet the Founders in This Year’s MIT delta v Startup Accelerator

A machine that turns sewage into fuel. Clothing that tracks your movements during workouts. Software that maps hospitals’ architectural environments. These were the products pitched by the teams graduating from this year’s MIT delta v accelerator during the program’s Demo Day on Friday. The event also kicked off “t=0,” MIT’s annual festival of entrepreneurship and innovation. As

Sep 09, BostInno

Shopify to acquire Waltham robotics startup for $450M

Waltham-based 6 River Systems Inc., a startup founded by former executives from Amazon Robotics, is being acquired in one of the year’s biggest M&A deals in the local technology sector. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify Inc. (NYSE: SHOP), which has software aimed at helping merchants’ online sales, announced on Monday evening it reached an agreement to

Sep 09, Boston Business Journal

Mentor Collective Raises $3 Million to Connect College Students and Advisers

The warning message came to George White and his team from a college student’s mentor. The student might miss classes on account of a broken laptop. White and his team acted quickly, connecting the student with Lehigh University staffers to secure a loaner computer. “If we didn’t find that, a week or two weeks may

Sep 05, EdSurge

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs leads $20 million round into Ori’s robotic furniture for small spaces

The world will be home to an estimated 10 billion people by 2050, one-quarter more than the Earth’s population today — and two-thirds of those will live in cities, according to United Nations figures. To combat overcrowding, the need to optimize space within urban dwellings will become an increasingly pressing issue, which is where Ori is setting out to make

Sep 05, VentureBeat

Cogito Raises $20M to Expand Call Center Emotional Intelligence

Cogito CEO Joshua Feast isn’t convinced that artificial intelligence will topple the staffing model for call centers. Customer service is not destined—at least anytime soon, he believes—to be handed off completely to voice assistant chatbots that can handle all the problems and frustrations a customer can send through a phone line. “I believe humans will […]

Sep 05, Xconomy

DraftKings spinoff aims to make Boston a ‘Title Town’ for sports tech

We sure have enjoyed plenty of duck boat parades in this city. When was the last one? February seems so long ago now. But what about winning the race to become the next sports tech hub? Can Boston win that title, too? Janet Holian and Rashaun Williams sure hope so. They have joined forces to

Aug 29, The Boston Globe

Nearly five years on, Rocketbook is still blasting off

More than four years after the Indiegogo campaign that first launched the cloud-integrated notebook, Rocketbook is soaring. On Amazon Prime Day—this year, it was July 15—the Boston-based startup partnered with the e-commerce behemoth to launch the Rocketbook Fusion notebook, which premiered as a Prime Day exclusive. Amazon, Rocketbook’s founders told me, approached them. (That’s a far cry from Rocketbook’s delivery

Aug 28, BostInno

MIT’s “tough tech” accelerator, The Engine, is expanding

An MIT spinoff known as the Engine is putting “tough tech” in the spotlight as it prepares to convert an old Polaroid building in Cambridge into labs and offices for startups with potentially game-changing technologies for the energy, biotech, and manufacturing fields. MIT created the Engine — a for-profit company that runs a $205 million

Aug 26, The Boston Globe

Boston Startup Puts A New Spin On Silk, Replacing Petrochemicals In Clothing And Skincare

Greg Altman calls his company, Evolved By Nature, a “green chemical company,” because it’s using biotechnology to unlock one of nature’s most elegant chemistries – natural silk. Remember that we have the silk worm to thank for silk. “The silk worm has basically a hypodermic needle at the end of a gland and it literally

Aug 26, Forbes