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RoadBotics Raises $3.9M From Hyperplane Ventures, Will Build a Sales Presence in Boston

RoadBotics, a startup that spun out of Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute in 2016, raised a seed round of $3.9 million from Boston-based Hyperplane Ventures. As part of the round, the company plans to build a sales presence in Boston to serve its dozen customers in the New England region.

Nov 14, BostInno

This startup got $2.3M to identify physical objects using diamond dust

Imagine coating an expensive part with a layer of diamond dust the width of a human hair, capturing its light pattern as a unique identifier, then storing that identifier in a traditional database or on the blockchain. That’s precisely what Dust Identity, a Boston-based startup, is trying to do, and today it got $2.3 million in

Nov 14, TechCrunch

Robotic furniture maker Ori debuts a collapsible walk-in closet

The Boston startup Ori has been talking about its robotic furniture for more than a year. Now, you can actually buy it. The company, which has so far exclusively sold to property developers, is launching its first consumer product: a wardrobe-sized piece that expands into a walk-in closet at the push of a button. The

Nov 13, The Boston Globe

Amazon’s HQ2 won’t be in Boston, but its health care revolution already is Inc. announced Tuesday morning that it will expand its locations in New York City and Northern Virginia, officially dashing Boston’s hopes of landing the company’s second (or third) headquarters. But Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) still has a large presence in the Bay State. And with its new health care venture headquartered in Boston — and

Nov 13, Boston Business Journal

As top innovation hub expands, can straining local infrastructure keep pace?

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, some of the most valuable real estate in the city of 113,000 can be found clustered around the Kendall Square station along Boston’s metro, the T. This cluster of labs, research centers, and corporate offices, located within a 10-minute walk of the rail station, has been called “the most innovative square mile

Nov 06, Curbed

“Don’t Go Nuts With This”: Tech CEOs on What $100M Can Buy

So, your long-scrappy tech startup cashed a nine-figure check from a gaggle of venture capital types. What now? Launch a hiring spree? Land a beachhead in Europe? Squirrel some away for a rainy day? Build all the features into your gizmo that you always wanted (and promised to customers)? By our count, at least 14

Nov 05, Xconomy

Who benefits when startup money is ‘taken off the table’?

Nathan Eagle had to convene an uncomfortable all-hands meeting in 2016. The startup he ran, Boston-based Jana, had raised a massive $57 million funding round that February. But employees had started to learn that several million dollars had ended up in Eagle’s bank account — a Securities and Exchange Commission filing reported that it was

Nov 04, The Boston Globe

ezCater leases the entirety of WeWork’s new Water Street location

Another big company is moving in with the co-working giant WeWork. And this one is taking the whole place. The business catering service ezCater will lease all 100,000 square feet of space that WeWork is scheduled to open early next year at 40 Water St. in downtown Boston, with room for up to 750 employees

Nov 01, The Boston Globe

Moonshots, Tough Tech, and Not Falling in Love With Your Robot

Before researchers at Google’s skunkworks labs embark on a new project, they decide when to kill it. The technical and business teams set parameters for when to walk away from the “moonshot” idea to avoid being so seduced by the technology that they forget about the underlying problem it aimed to solve. “It becomes less […]

Oct 31, Xconomy

These new companies are like Uber or Lyft for kids

Seven years ago, the notion of stepping into an unmarked car driven by someone who wasn’t a taxi driver would’ve seemed odd to most Bostonians. Then Uber came to the city — followed quickly by Lyft. Could the next shift in our transportation habits involve our kids? Two startups, Sheprd and Zemcar, already offer an

Sep 26, The Boston Globe