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Greg Selkoe’s New Startup Has a Name:

Former Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe has remained mum about his new venture for months – but now it’s got a name in Selkoe, of course, was ousted from Karmaloop after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March. In May, Seth Haber, formerly the co-owner and director of the Agenda Trade Shows, was named the new CEO.

Oct 27, BostInno

Founder of Toms Shoes invests in Boston startup that helps underprivileged artists

ArtLifting, a Boston-based startup that empowers homeless, disabled and underprivileged artists through the sale of their artwork, has landed $1.1 million in seed funding from investors including Los Angeles-based Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie. Other investors include author Eric Ries and New York angel investor Joanne Wilson, tech entrepreneur Jeremy Hinman, and San Francisco-based based

Oct 27, Boston Business Journal

Cambridge startup that helps prevent migraines emerges from stealth

After two years and $1.5 million in investor funding, Cambridge-based Curelator is emerging from stealth mode to release a product to help people control their migraines. The company has been working on the development of a program, based around a mobile app, that allows users to log their interactions with 60 suspected triggers, culled from a

Oct 23, Boston Business Journal

War for tech talent escalates

You don’t know quite what it means to be wanted, desired — practically stalked — if you are not a techie in Boston right now, especially one who might consider switching jobs. Recruiters ping you on LinkedIn to check your current contentedness level. Companies sway you with swag on interview visits, and follow up with

Oct 23, BetaBoston

From the roof to the living room, startups tackle urban farming

It took Courtney Hennessy and John Stoddard two years to find the right rooftop for a farm — one that was big enough, could take enough weight, wasn’t being used for something else like solar panels, and had an agreeable landlord. “We literally biked around looking at big buildings,” Hennessy says, crouching on the roof

Oct 22, WGBH News

Outlearn seeks to be a software developer’s alternative to ‘just Googling it’

A small Boston startup is trying to give software and web developers a better way to get up to speed, and it’s raised $2 million to do it. Outlearn Inc., a five-person company with its headquarters near South Station, has created a website that’s meant to help coders and the companies that hire them keep abreast

Oct 22, BetaBoston

Drones go underwater

A swarm of drones sounds like one of the scariest things to ever come out of MIT, but Hydroswarm, a new startup developing underwater drones that automatically work together, instead has visions of mapping the entire ocean. “The whole point of Hydroswarm is to provide a cheap and scalable method of mapping the ocean,” said

Oct 16, Boston Herald

Innovation Women, MassTLC partner to raise the profile of women tech leaders

The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council is collaborating with a local group to help women leaders in the tech industry gain visibility in their fields. The trade group said Wednesday that it will join with several tech companies  Innovation Women to raise the profiles of women in technology. Innovation Women, headquarted in Woburn, connects experts and leaders with

Oct 21, BetaBoston

Cambridge’s Sense Labs starts production of new device to track what’s happening at home

The smartphone has become the command center for much of your life. But while it can serve up alerts about upcoming meetings or help you book a flight, it doesn’t know much about what’s happening back at your house. Did you leave the oven on? Did someone just open the garage door? A Cambridge startup

Oct 20, BetaBoston

Draper, MIT get $3.4 million to build small, fast-flying drones

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – the government agency that funds future technology – has awarded $3.4 million to two Cambridge groups to build speedy miniature drones that function as scouts for first responders. Some day, the idea goes, tiny flying robots will zip into burning, crumbling buildings and scope out the space before firefighters

Oct 20, BetaBoston