Hi all! BSG creator Jay Neely here. Unfortunately, with my energy and attention pointed in other directions these days, it’s time for me to officially recognize that the site is on indefinite hiatus. While I’ll be keeping the site online with this notice linked prominently from the top, please note that the information here will become increasingly out of date. 😕

Some alternative resources I highly recommend are:

  • Startup Boston – excellent community events and connector.
  • VentureFizz – tech industry company profiles & jobs.
  • The Boston Business Jounal’s startup news – though the Globe has occasional startups coverage (and Scott Kirsner’s always-excellent column), for my money the BBJ is the most consistent, best quality Boston startup reporting currently available.
  • The CIC, VentureLane, and WorkBar are three of the best and largest coworking spaces in Boston with a real commitment to the area and community-building in it.
  • The newsletters of all of the above, which regularly include resources & opportunities from too many startup programs in the area to list.

For the past 10 years, Boston Startups Guide has been a passion project — a vehicle for me to make this world-class community more visible and accessible, to curate and explore all the wonderful niches and promising potential of the startup ecosystem here, to help everyone wanting to find resources, work with startups, and connect with the community.

But the environment around all of that has been through many changes, and the site would need a major revamp to catch up — more effort, resources, and support-building than I’m able to commit right now. I’m holding out hope I might be able to come back to this in the future, or find a way to serve this community again through some future project, but for now I need to set the site aside.

Thank you to the many people who’ve been boosters of the site and encouraging of my efforts in this space. It’s always been tremendously appreciated, and I am personally still here and happy to return the favor — don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until we meet again! Feel free to follow me @JayNeely if you’re interested in my future projects.