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Boston Tech Watch: Epstein, MIT Media Lab, Carbon Black, JRNI & More

A slower news week for Boston technology news, but not without its fireworks. Among them: Researchers are not taking the news well that MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito had extensive financial arrangements with Jeffrey Epstein, the convict and alleged child sex trafficker who committed suicide earlier this month awaiting trial. Read on for more. […]

Aug 23, Xconomy

How Boston Offices Are Going to the Dogs

meQuilibrium, the Boston-based stress management platform provider, is housed in a building that doesn’t allow dogs. But that doesn’t stop its employees from bringing them in. Each day, a French bulldog named Nala is smuggled in through a freight elevator. She’s small enough not to be noticed by the building attendants, and she’s well-behaved enough

Aug 20, BostInno

Meet the Startup Giving Time Back to New Parents

How frustrating is it to spend every day pumping milk for your newborn, only to waste it during the transfer process? Or not having any room left  in your freezer because you spent the afternoon #lifehacking a cardboard box to organize your supply bags? Not to mention the environmental impact: New nursing parents have to use

Aug 19, BostInno

This Harvard Startup Wants to Pay You to Quit Smoking

Can you get paid to kick bad habits? That’s the question Vincere Health, an early-stage startup out of Harvard Innovation Labs, wants to answer. The startup is developing an app to help users quit smoking by offering them financial incentives. At the start of joining Vincere Health’s program, users will be able to set personal parameters

Aug 15, BostInno

Startup Success Outside Silicon Valley: Data from Over 200 Exits in 17 Cities

The Bay Area has been the best place to build a startup for the last two decades. Some experts are questioning if that’s still true, but it’s clearly not the only place an entrepreneur can create a transformative company. However, outside of New York and LA, discussion about startup geographies quickly tends to degrade into civic boosterism. To

Aug 13, Founder Collective

Climacell’s New Weather App Uses 600 Million Devices to Forecast Areas as Small as a City Block

Boston startup Climacell debuted its new mobile weather app, which offers precise “micro forecast” predictions covering small areas. Available for free in the Apple iTunes Store starting on Tuesday, and arriving on Google’s Play Store for Android next month, the app’s weather forecasts don’t rely on the massive government network for weather data. Instead Climacell uses data

Aug 13, Fortune

Startup uses diamond dust to root out bogus products

There are a lot of counterfeit products out there — bogus designer clothing, fake auto parts, even phony aircraft components. But a Framingham company thinks it can put the forgers out of business, with a spray of artificial diamond dust. DUST Identity spun off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2011, and has received

Aug 12, The Boston Globe

The Inside Story of the “Serial Entrepreneur” Who Scammed Boston

Tanmaya Kabra, the 25-year-old founder and CEO of LaunchByte, a design and development shop and self-titled “investment boutique,” was arrested at Logan Airport on Sunday on chargesof operating a Ponzi-like fraud scheme, wire fraud and bank fraud. Pitching himself as a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and startup mentor, Kabra allegedly lured investors to give their capital

Aug 07, BostInno

With new investing rules, you can be part of the crowd that’s funding startups

The subject of the e-mail was “Hoping to help,” and it was one of those messages in which the sender is working a bit too quickly to include your name — or anything specific about your situation, really. “We help startups like yours generate capital to expand their business,” it said. “It’d be cool to talk

Aug 11, The Boston Globe

Nike buys an AI startup that predicts what consumers want

Nike’s  market cap has swollen past $100 billion, but the shoe company still sees potential to learn more about what customers want and how to source and stock products to meet those needs. The company announced that it has acquired the Boston-area startup Celect to help Nike beef up its predictive analytics strengths. Like any good Boston startup, Celect’s  tech

Aug 07, TechCrunch