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Quincy gets a tech startup incubator thanks to local billionaire

There’s no shortage of startups accelerators in Boston and Cambridge, but now a new incubator linked to a major South Shore billionaire is hoping to find its sweet spot in the tech community in the City of Presidents.

Jan 16, Boston Business Journal

Clayton Christensen, renowned Harvard Business School professor, dies at 67

Clayton Christensen, the Harvard Business School professor whose ideas on “disruptive innovation’’ influenced boardrooms and workplaces around the world, has died at 67. Michael B. Horn, who was a student of Mr. Christensen’s, coauthored a book with him, and cofounded the Clayton Christensen Institute, said he died Thursday surrounded by his family at a Massachusetts

Jan 24, The Boston Globe

All 10 new Techstars Boston startups are local

For the first time since Techstars Boston launched in 2009, all 10 of the startups admitted to its latest program called the Greater Boston area home.

Jan 24, Boston Business Journal

The Fake Finger That Could Save Fortunes: MIT Spin-Out Raises $10M For Touch-Inspired Measurement Tech

The human finger is incredibly sensitive, with a dense array of receptors in the tip that allow us to feel features as small as nanometers. When Kimo Johnson visited aerospace companies that machine metal parts, he learned that many were relying on experienced workers to conduct a “fingernail test” to quickly judge whether a surface

Jan 23, Forbes

2020 Vision: Lessons From BostInno’s Startups to Watch

Some 150 founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and more—all supporters of Boston’s ever-growing innovation scene—were on deck on Wednesday night to check out our 2020 Startups to Watch. Based on factors like funding, partnerships, awards, technology licenses and more, we worked to identify the startups that are on the precipice of something big. And last month,

Jan 23, BostInno

Privy hires Drift, Hubspot veteran as first-ever marketing chief

One of Boston’s marketing tech startups has snagged its first-ever chief marketing officer from a local company in the same space. Dave Gerhardt started working for Boston-based Privy Inc., which is building a suite of marketing software tools for e-commerce entrepreneurs, in December last year. He joined Privy from Drift Inc., the marketing software and chatbot

Jan 22, Boston Business Journal

With VC Exceeding Dot-Com Levels, Mass. Startups Brought in $10.8 Billion in 2019

Massachusetts startups raised $10.8 billion across 740 venture capital deals in 2019, according to the latest Venture Monitor report from PitchBook and the National Venture Capital Association. That dollar amount is down from just a bit from last year: Bay State startups raised $12 billion in 2018, but that was spread across 660 deals—indicating that smaller deals (if

Jan 14, BostInno

Catch’s founders just wouldn’t take no for an answer

Kristen Anderson began 2019 in limbo. It seemed like her Cambridge startup was on the brink of running out of cash. A client owed her $450,000, but there was no sign of a check being cut. She and her cofounder, Andrew Ambrosino, had spent most of the previous six months trying to raise money from

Jan 13, The Boston Globe

CES 2020: 16 Mass. startups to watch at the Consumer Electronics Show

Boston and Massachusetts will have a large representation at CES 2020. Organized by the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas, the biggest tech event of the year is scheduled to start on Tuesday, January 7 for an international four-day exhibit including keynotes, press conferences and, most of all, tech product showcases. From a local point of

Jan 06, BostInno

Private equity will keep on scooping up tech firms in 2020, say experts

Private equity’s deep pockets will continue to provide cash-rich exits for local tech companies in 2020, as they did in six-figure deals such as Acquia and LogMeIn, experts say.

Dec 26, Boston Business Journal