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Investors pour $2 million more into booze marketplace Drizly

Boston-based Drizly used to be known as the on-demand delivery app for alcohol. More recently, the company evolved into a marketplace that helps brick-and-mortar liquor stores to connect with and sell to customers nearby through web and mobile commerce. The Drizly app shows shoppers different prices on the beer, wine and liquor that they’re looking

Feb 25, TechCrunch

H-1B Visas: Stealing American Jobs Or A Solution To A Tech Shortage?

The true impact of H-1B visas, which allow companies to hire foreign workers, could differ depending on where you live.

Feb 23, WBUR

Seventh Sense Gets Initial FDA Clearance for Simple Blood-Draw Device

Seventh Sense Biosystems says it has received FDA clearance to begin marketing TAP, a device intended to make blood draws quick and painless. It’s the Medford, MA-based company’s first product approved for sale by the federal agency. Seventh Sense says its small, disposable devices can make blood collection more convenient and less stressful, especially for […]

Feb 23, Xconomy

This Robot Will Carry Your Stuff and Follow You Everywhere

Move over, drone makers. This company has created a cargo-carrying robot. The Italian company behind the Vespa, Piaggio, has recently introduced “Gita,” a cargo robot. Designed by Boston-based internal startup Piaggio Fast Forward, its aim is to take the hassle out of lugging heavy items and doing mundane chores such as going to the grocery

Feb 21, Entrepreneur

This Tool Alerts You If You’re Shopping at Stores Tied to Trump

DoneGood, a local startup that helps consumers discover businesses that align with their values, just launched a new version of its Chrome extension that makes it easier for people to boycott stores, companies and products with ties to…

Feb 21, BostInno

Voatz and Clear Ballot to Explore Blockchain Technology for Remote Voting

After more than a year of investigation and collaboration, two Boston-based companies, Voatz and Clear Ballot Group,  have announced a partnership to accelerate the introduction of secure, accessible remote voting in elections using Blockchain technology. Voatz brings an open source Blockchain platform designed for secure, high volume remote voting on smartphones and tablets. It has been

Feb 20, BlockchainNews

AquaFresco receives $150K grant

The Baker Polito Administration recently announced $942,100 in funding to support early-stage clean energy, water technology and energy storage innovations in seven communities across the state, including $150,000 for AquaFresco Inc. in Somerville. AquaFresco Inc. will use its funding, awarded through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s InnovateMass program, to develop a wastewater treatment and recycling

Feb 19, WickedLocal Somerville

VC Mike Hirshland has some (very early) seed-stage investing advice

Mike Hirshland has been a Boston-based investor for 17 years, first with the venture firm Polaris Partners and, for the last five years, at the firm he co-founded, Resolute Ventures, which has offices in both Boston and San Francisco. Hirshland doesn’t say so outright, but presumably, he has established a certain degree of “pattern recognition” over time, so

Feb 16, TechCrunch

AI Software Juggles Probabilities to Learn from Less Data

Machine learning is becoming extremely powerful, but it requires extreme amounts of data. You can, for instance, train a deep-learning algorithm to recognize a cat with a cat-fancier’s level of expertise, but you’ll need to feed it tens or even hundreds of thousands of images of felines, capturing a huge amount of variation in size,

Feb 14, MIT Technology Review

What The ‘Vice President Of Culture’ Does At This Mass. Software Company

Black Duck Software in Burlington has taken workplace culture to a new level.

Feb 16, WBUR