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They’re out to reveal the ‘dirty little secret of higher education’

For all its faults, you can give the Internet credit for at least one big win: making prices far more transparent than they were in those dark days before http://everything. Sitting on a bench with a mobile phone, it’s easy to compare the price of a ride across town with Uber versus Lyft; buying a

Oct 13, The Boston Globe

PipeGuard Robotics tops collection of startups at Demo Day

PipeGuard Robotics, a local startup that uses robots to navigate water pipelines in search of leaks, beat out more than 100 other startups Saturday to take top prize in HUBweek’s Demo Day Pitch Competition at City Hall Plaza. The group took home a grand prize award of $20,000, as well as a slew of other

Oct 14, The Boston Globe

12 Israelis making a mark on Boston’s tech scene

“The Boston Israeli community is very talented and accomplished,” says Dan Trajman, president and CEO of the New England Israel Business Council. He estimates that roughly 25,000 Israelis live in the Boston area. “Most Israelis who come to Boston are coming to study at the top universities in the area, to do research, to start a

Oct 15, Israel21c

CarGurus’ IPO proves you don’t need early venture funding to succeed on Wall Street

A Boston-based tech company that hadn’t raised any money from venture capital until ten years after its founding staged a successful initial public offering Thursday — a reminder startups don’t need to raise huge amounts of cash from Sand Hill Road to succeed. Stock for CarGurus, an online marketplace for used and new car sales, was trading up

Oct 12, Recode

Ikea, Exelon kick in for $22M round for Boston electric-driving startup

Home-furnishings giant Ikea Group and national utilities provider Exelon Corp. have pitched in to a $22 million investment round for a Boston company that wants to save them money by electrifying their fleet of vehicles. XL Hybrids Inc., a company founded by MIT alumni in 2009, announced the Series D investment round on Thursday. The

Oct 13, Boston Business Journal

Profile of Zemcar’s new CEO, Juliette Kayyem, a former homeland security advisor.

When Juliette Kayyem met Zemcar founder Bilal Khan last year, she asked him: “Where have you been all my life?” The homeland security expert and former gubernatorial candidate is a working mother of three, and she was all too familiar with the stress of coordinating transportation for after-school activities. Khan, a former Verizon executive, started

Oct 09, The Boston Globe

Grapevine Acquires ReadyCart to Help YouTubers Earn More Cash

Grapevine, an influencer marketing platform for YouTube, wants to give content creators another way to make money through a new acquisition. The Cambridge startup announced on Tuesday that it has acquired ReadyCart, a Tennessee-based affiliate marketing service that lets creators on platforms like YouTube build custom storefronts that sell products discussed in their videos.

Oct 10, BostInno

This startup used blockchain to raise $15 million for a blockchain-based ad network that pays users

A Boston-based company has today reached its $15 million funding goal to develop a blockchain-assisted platform to store user profiles for advertising that pays users and for lenders who issue micro-loans. Founded in 2016, AirFox currently has two main efforts, one in the US and one in Brazil. The $15 million funding was raised via a blockchain-based ICO (or initial

Oct 10, MarTech Today

Android Founder on VR, Voice & the Future of Human-Machine Collaboration

Within 20 years, computer keyboards will be relegated to the technology dustbin, says Android co-founder Rich Miner. Miner helped shape the smartphone era with Android, a mobile operating system startup that Google acquired in 2005. Android software now powers over 2 billion devices. On Tuesday, Miner spoke at a mobile software developer conference in Boston […]

Oct 11, Xconomy

Why This Boston Startup Wanted An Initial Coin Offering And Then Delayed It Three Times

Cryptocurrency is changing the way startups — like Boston-based AirFox — raise money. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are helping them do it fast, but lately, that process has been complicated.

Oct 09, WBUR