Recently added Boston tech startups...

We regularly add new tech startups in Boston to our guide, as well as pruning dead, acquired, and zombie startups from the list. Browse startups below, or search for startups of interest.

doDOC - West End

“Streamlines medical communications and regulatory documents for life science companies, ensuring auditability and compliance.”

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Kemvi - Kendall Square

AI assistant for sales teams.

Gamer Sensei - Lechmere

Online platform for remote coaching with pro gamers.

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Augmented reality platform for live expert-surgeon to on-site surgeon consultations and training.

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Healthimation - Fenway

The health industry’s “first entertainment studio.” Makers of a personalized, evidence-based guided weight loss app with an animated guide.

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Human Resolution Technologies - Downtown Crossing

Makers of FollowApp, “a post-discharge patient monitoring and advocacy program designed to reduce risk of preventable readmission.”

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3Derm Systems

Medical device & protocol for primary caregivers to take high-def, 3D skin images that can be reviewed by a dermatologist, without requiring a specialist visit.

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Wise Systems

Routing and scheduling system for drivers, optimized by machine learning and real-time adjustments based on weather and other external data.


A phone case with a detachable self-flying mini-drone, with its own camera.

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Square Robot - Seaport District

Autonomous robots for submerged oil and gas inspections.

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VRPhysio - Fenway

Gamifying physical therapy with VR, while also providing movement analytics.

Gamalon - Kendall Square

Probabilistic programming technology for quicker machine learning with less data.

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SyncThink - North End / North Station

Portable eye-tracking kit for quick, accurate cognitive testing (e.g. for athletes after a hit to the head).

Medisight Corp - MIT

Optical sensor technology for more accurate needle placement in epidurals and other medical procedures.

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CareAcademy - Central Square

“Online classes for in-home caregivers.”

Humanyze - Government Center

People analytics for the workplace.

Zaius - North End

Marketing platform for B2C marketers, aimed at increasing CLTV by driving more cross-sells and repeat purchases.

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Doni - South Station

Social app for saving up money toward specific goals.

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TeenLife - North End

Discovery platform for teenagers to find experiential learning opportunities (summer programs, gap year, etc.).

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Yelp for insurance companies.

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