Boston Startups Guide was started in 2011 as a resource for getting connected to Boston’s startup community and learning more about local innovation happening in your industry. We provide a list of featured start up companies in Boston, a job board for Boston startup jobs, a curated calendar of Boston tech events, and custom guides to resources like Boston coworking spaces and coding bootcamps in Boston. If there’s a resource you’d like to see, just tweet @BOSstartups.

What makes BSG different from other startup directories?

We’re a human-curated resource dedicated to being a useful guide to innovation in Boston, rather than a comprehensive list of new businesses or Boston technology companies. We filter out services businesses & other non-startups as well as ‘zombie’ startups. For the startups we do list, we write our own plain-English description of what these companies do, avoiding marketing pitches.

Is the startup information listed official?

No. All descriptions, tags, and location information are based on our own knowledge & understanding of publicly available information. You’re welcome to suggest updates.

Is this information up to date?

I check all links roughly once per month, and at the same time update if a startup is hiring or not, etc. Startups aren’t always great about making their addresses prominent and keeping them current, so neighborhood information is the most likely piece of info to be delayed in updating. Fortunately it’s also the least-frequently changing.

New startups are added regularly.

If you think something might be wrong, please don’t hesitate to point me to it via twitter @BOSstartups.

How are you defining ‘startup’?

Primarily we’re listing technology startup companies, which includes everything from consumer web startups to enterprise software to mobile apps.

Our general definition of a startup: a company built on innovative use of technology, that has potential to rapidly scale. (This generally rules out consulting / services companies, as the business model sets an early upper-limit on ability to scale, tied to time available.)

How are you defining ‘Boston’?

Boston-area startups, to be sure. Mostly within the I-495 loop or otherwise close enough to Boston to be part of the community here.

This is all great, but how can I connect with the Boston startup community?

  • No site or tool has done more for the cohesion of Boston’s startup community over the past eight years than twitter. The ease of spreading information, interaction, connecting with no reciprocal obligation, and ability to serendipitously discover people and events is invaluable. A Boston-area search for tweets about startups never fails to inform.