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Libring - Area IV

Unifying e-commerce customer data from multiple tools for better segmentation, personalization, and revenue.

Emerald - MIT

Fall detection for elderly & their caregivers without a wearable. 3D home movement detection using radio signal reflection analysis.

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Meta - South Station

Another “search all your cloud files” solution.

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Fan Manager - South Station

Data warehouse for fan-centric organizations (e.g. sports teams). Combines data on ticketing, e-commerce, social, and more.

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“3D-mapping and perception platform that transforms video from depth-sensors into intelligent 3D-models.”

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SPOT - Fort Point

Uber for parking spots. App for finding a parking spot, or renting out your privately-owned parking spot.

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Crayon - South Station

Marketer inspiration platform.

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Yeloha - South Station

Solar power sharing network. People without solar-friendly roofs can buy cheaper, cleaner power from those with.

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“Online booking and reservation software for tours and activities”

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Home remodeling inspiration, planning, and contractor-matching platform.

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