Hospitality Startups

VetX - Back Bay

Mobile app for managing your pet’s health, and connecting veterinarians with customers.

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“Application Compatibility Layer” that allows native Android apps to run on non-Android operating systems (Linux, Windows, etc.).

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OpenExchange - Financial District

Platform for financial services and investor relations professionals: video conferencing and networking. Also lets you “do business in ways you never thought possible.”

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Datadog - Fort Point

Combined cloud monitoring for devops and IT professionals, to trace performance across all integrations and platforms.

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Tech platform powering 3D tour creation from 2D images, and related consumer apps (restaurant guide, social sharing).

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MediaSilo - Leather District / South Station

“Online video sharing and asset management platform for creative professionals.”

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Buggl - Fort Point

Marketplace for local-influencer-made travel guides.

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Brokerless, peer-to-peer stock trading platform. Partnered with banks to offer same-day trade settlement.

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RueBaRue - Back Bay

Travel guide / itinerary-building app. Also fun to say.

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Hstry - Fort Point

Interactive, rich-media timeline creation software for teachers.

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