Data Management Startups


“Building data infrastructure for machine learning and predictive applications.”

Jisto - Government Center

Stealth enterprise-scale computing resources management platform.

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Podium Data

Big data management platform for enterprise.

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Deep - Waterfront

Database performance technology. In big data applications, claims “50x faster performance compared to highly tuned InnoDB” and “4.5x faster application page loads.”

Meta - South Station

Another “search all your cloud files” solution.

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Curoverse - Fort Point

Big data platform for genomic and biomedical data.

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Tamr - Harvard Square

“Data curation at scale”.

nCrypted Cloud - Government Center

Encryption options for data in cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Nasuni - Downtown Crossing

Storage infrastructure as a service. Consolidates “operations to protect, manage, store, access and share data, into a single service”.

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Infinio - East Cambridge

Data storage performance-optimization software.

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