There have never been more good opportunities to learn to code, whether pursuing your personal interests or to gain a high-demand skill for the many web development jobs available in Boston.  I’ve separated the options into coding classes in Boston (one-off or short-term classes focused on a single or small number of skills) and coding bootcamps in Boston (multi-week immersive programs covering a set of skills, generally designed to prepare you for a job).

Coding Classes in Boston

One of the web development classes at Bocoup

Photo by Jory Burson at Bocoup

Bocoup Training – Intensive classes and sets of classes from the open source web development experts at Bocoup. Most classes are around foundational web technologies (HTML, CSS, SVG), JavaScript, or advanced JavaScript libraries (Backbone, D3.js, jQuery).

General Assembly – One-off startup classes, including many intro courses to different kinds of programming (web development, SQL, Python, and more).

Women’s Coding Collective – Offering online and in-person coding classes for women. HTML & CSS, Javascript & jQuery, PHP, SEO, and WordPress.

Girl Develop It – Two day workshops and networking events for women.

RailsBridge Boston – Weekend workshop for women to learn Ruby on Rails.

Firehose Weekend – Intensive weekend hackathon. “Start with nothing, learn what you need, leave with a fully functional application.”

Randori – Evening coding workshops at the Cambridge Innovation Center. For self-taught developers / and people developing projects on their own that want access to a peer group and experts they can ask questions, Randori offers access to twice-weekly evening meetups for a monthly membership fee.

Harvard Extension School – Open enrollment semester-long classes; the extension school offers many more modern options than what you might find in degree-track classes at a college. Courses like Fundamentals of Website Development are available alongside traditional Computer Science courses.

Boston Coding Bootcamps

Launch Academy's Boston Coding Bootcamp

Launch Academy – A 10-week web development bootcamp, with a 6-week online pre-learning course and 6 months of post-graduate support. Grounded in Ruby on Rails, students also learn JavaScript, jQuery, test-driven & agile development, Git, and how to be proficient on the command line.

Startup Institute – Formerly Boston Startup School, the Startup Institute now has programs in multiple cities, offering 8-week “career accelerators”. Their Web Development track teaches Ruby on Rails and provides “exposure to topics such as test driven development, git, AWS, Heroku, node.js, javascript, and mobile-first methodology”.

Firehose Virtual Apprenticeships – Firehose also offers a 12-week virtual coding bootcamp, aimed at providing more flexibility and one-on-one time to apprentices. Their focus is also on Ruby on Rails, as well as APIs, mobile-first web design, and front-end development.

General Assembly – GA also offers immersive 8 to 12-week courses for tracks like back-end web development, data science, and front-end web development. – Also by Thoughtbot, promising junior developers can become paid apprentices for 3 months, during which they will “learn and work with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Backbone.js, HTML5, SCSS, git, Unix, and agile software development”.


Of course there are many online options for learning to code, but Boston-based programming bootcamps & career accelerators all have relationships with local companies that are hiring, and most specifically offer job-placement assistance as part of the program.

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