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Ogwee - Lechmere

Small business customer reward & local referral platform.

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Barkly - Waterfront

Endpoint protection on company devices, with customized alerts to educate users (e.g. “that attachment you just opened had a virus; don’t open attachments like that”).

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Rail transportation search & ticketing technologies.

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Atiim - Lechmere

SaaS for managers to track team goals & progress.

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CrowdComfort - Union Square

App for building occupants to report building issues.

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XLhybrids - Brighton

“Technology to convert conventional commercial vehicles into hybrids.” Targeted at companies with commercial fleets.

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Deep - Waterfront

Database performance technology. In big data applications, claims “50x faster performance compared to highly tuned InnoDB” and “4.5x faster application page loads.”

Moulah - Davis Square

“Make or receive payments to nearby friends or businesses, right from your iPhone or Android device.”

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Apps & technology for insurance claims photography.

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Codiscope - Arlington

In-workflow tools for developers to detect and fix security problems in code.

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